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Thermal Labels ( In decal chuyển nhiệt ), G2 can customize your thermal barcode tags or labels with your logo, flood coated colors, and or pre-printed information.

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Thermal Labels – Product Label Printing Company

Custom Thermal Label Printer for any Industry

G2 can customize your thermal barcode tags or labels with your logo, flood coated colors, and or pre-printed information. Find a unique adhesive solution, custom size and durable material to fit your specific needs. Whether you are in the Healthcare, Pharmacy, Retail, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Warehousing or Law Enforcement industry, let us tailor a custom thermal application specifically for you.

An Inkless Label

Direct thermal labels are a cost-effective labeling solution frequently used by grocers to print food information for meat products or items to be frozen. Shipping, receipt and barcode labels are often printed on direct thermal paper. Without the use of ink, the direct thermal printer instead uses heat-sensitive material that turns black when exposed to the thermal printhead. Direct thermal labels are a great addition to home offices, small businesses, retail stores, warehouses and more because it can be quickly printed and applied to an item.
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About The Material

Direct thermal printers can only “print” in black and should be kept in an environment that won’t cause the ink and material to deteriorate. Backed with an all-temperature adhesive, our direct thermal labels are printed on a bright white paper stock with a high sensitivity thermal coating. Available on 1” or 3” cores, direct thermal paper doesn’t require a ribbon to print, unlike thermal transfer printing. Direct thermal labels are ideal for warehouse, shipping and barcoding applications.

Why You Should Minimize Certain Exposures

Direct thermal labels are designed for short-term use when heat and UV exposure is minimal. Since images and text are “burned” onto direct thermal material, it’s best to keep your labels in a cool and dry environment for optimal use. Thermal media images and text can fade if they become overexposed to heat and light. Direct thermal labels are ideally suited for food retailers because they don’t tend to be overexposed to heat and light, and have a shorter shelf life.


Durable Labels For A Variety Of Applications

Thermal transfer labels are known for their resistance to fading and the ability to prevent images from being smeared. Thermal transfer printing is ideal for barcode applications due to its durability and longer shelf life. Its material is made from a bright white face stock and standard adhesive. Unlike direct thermal material, colors can be printed on thermal transfer labels allowing you more options with its design and intended use.


Advantages of Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer printing offers many advantages, such as:
Labels can be subjected to heat or sunlight.
The shelf life of the label is usually more than a year.
Offers better protection against friction or scratching than direct thermal labels.
Can be printed in colors other than black.
Considered the ideal printing method for barcodes because it prints crisply and cleanly.


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